April 2019 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 2nd April, 2019

  1. Attendance

    Cllr. Osborne chaired the monthly meeting of the Parish Council with a full attendance of Councillors and two members of the Public attending. Zoe Bernard-John is the new Community Links Officer replacing Chris Simms and she attended as she wished to meet the Councillors.

  2. Apologies

    Apologies received from County Cllr Nicky Chopak.

  3. Declaration of Interest/Dispensations

    There were no declarations in respect of this Agenda.

  4. Minutes

    The minutes of the previous meeting were read and signed as correct.

  5. Balance at Bank

    It was reported that the balance at the Bank was £9,113 13 in the Current A/C and £5,450.12 in the Primrose A/C.

  6. Bench

    A discussion was had on the position of the Bench and it was decided the best position would be under the window of the Hall near the telephone box. Clerk to write to the Hall Committee to ask their permission to put it there.

  7. Standing Orders

    Standing Orders were again discussed and it was decided to add a proviso to Item 4. “Councillors request that a month’s written notice be given if any member of the public wishes to record or film any part of the meeting. Email everyone a copy.

    1. Footpath/Stiles

      Cllr Pallett reported on work that needs to be done to the Stiles. Mr Ross Wilmshurst will give an estimate for this. Cllr. Pallett reported Mr Bob Hutt is hoping to do the Footpath work in the first two weeks of  April.

    2. Penhallym

      Pre-planning Advice had been sought for Glamping at Penhallym.

    3. A/C to Pay for CALC Membership

      Account received too late for the Agenda this to be paid next month.

    4. Cornwall Council CAN SOS Guidance

      There is no project happening in our area.

  8. Councillor Matters

    Councillors were pleased to see that the Post Box has been re-instated but are not happy with the new position. They feel it is in a dangerous position being close to the junction. Write to Royal mail regarding this.

There being no further business the meeting was closed.