April 2023 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 4th April, 2023

  1. Cllr. Charmaine Smith chaired the Ordinary monthly meeting of the Council. Those present were Cllrs. P Chapman, A Vogel, S. Smith, J Shepherd, N. Osborne, County Cllr. Nicky Chopak, Clerk, Mrs D.A. Turner and two members of the Public.
  2. Apologies

    Apologies received from Cllr. I Franklyn

  3. Declarations of Interest/Dispensations

    There were no declarations in respect of this Agenda.

  4. Minutes

    The minutes had been Emailed to all Councillors and were agreed and signed.

  5. Balance at Bank

    It was reported that the balance at the Bank was £10,182.56 in the Current A/C and £2802.97 in the Solar A/C.

  6. Account to pay:-

    • Bude Solutions (Website) £172.80
      Proposed we pay Cllr.P Chapman Seconded Cllr. J Shepherd
    • CALC (Annual Membership Renewal) £311.80
      Proposed we pay Cllr. S Smith Seconded Cllr. A Vogel
  7. Salt Bin

    It was discussed and unanimously agreed we buy a Salt Bin, filled, for Cory Close, Wainhouse Corner. The cost for this is £273.44

  8. Footpath Step

    It was discussed and unanimously agreed to pay for installing another step at Witchy Pool Lane at a cost of £50.00. Proposed we pay when the work is finished. Proposed Cllr. P Chapman, Seconded Cllr. S Smith.

  9. Review Standing Orders

    A copy of the Standing Orders had been sent to all Councillors. They were asked to read these before the next meeting when it can be discussed and any changes made.

  10. Email addresses

    It was noted that all Councillors should have a Council only Email address. Details given to Councillors and discuss again next month.

  11. Cornwall Council

    Cornwall Council had approved (with traffic management) Planning Application No PA22/08049 – Land East of Little Beckaveans, Jacobstow.

  12. Planning Application No PA23/01388

    Construction of ground floor extension and a first floor extension – Beckaveans, Jacobstow. Proposed we support Cllr. S. Smith Seconded Cllr. A Vogel. Unanimously agreed.

  13. Cyber Protection

    The Cyber Protection Officer, Mike Harrison, would like to attend a meeting to give a 40 minute talk on Cyber protection. It was discussed and agreed that it would be better done at a Network meeting when it would involve more parishes. Clerk to contact him and give Cllr. Chopak’s address.

  14. Councillor matters:-

    1. It was reported that the sign saying “Cory Close” was taken away some time ago for repair and it has not been returned. Cllr. Chopak will make enquiries about this.
    2. Cllr. Sarah Smith had completed a Grant Application form for two Large Plant pots plus compost & plants etc. to be put by the two Village seats.
      The cost for this is £171.98. Proposed this be paid next month from the Solar Fund. Proposed Cllr. P Chapman Seconded Cllr. N Osborne.
    3. Cllr. Norman Osborne then said he wished to resign from the Council, for health reasons, and would put it in writing. Cllr. Chapman then thanked Cllr. Osborne, on behalf of the Council, saying that they appreciated all his hard work over many years.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.20pm.

List of Expenses for April 2023
Date Payee Amount
4th April, 2023 Bude Solutions (Website) £172.80
4th April, 2023 CALC (Annual Membership) £311.80