December 2019 Agenda

Dear Councillor

You are summoned to attend the Ordinary meeting of the Council which will be held in the Hall on Tuesday 3th December, 2019 at 7.30pm

Please let me know if you are unable to attend.

D.A.Turner 26/11/19


  1. Public Question Time
  2. Debfibrillator information by Rob Pierce-Williams
  3. Apologies
  4. Declaration of Interest/Dispensations in respect of this Agenda
  5. Minutes (Matters Arising)
  6. Balance at Bank
  7. Planning Application PA19/09475 - – Certificate of lawful use of land as domestic garden - Keats, Jacobstow, Bude
  8. Planning Application PA19/09074 - - Demolition of existing agricultural building and attached residential annexe and change of use from agricultural to residential and erection of new detached dwelling. Land North of Little Beckaveans, Jacobstow
  9. Planning Application PA19/09060 - - Proposed garage and garden studio room, proposed new access and change of use of land to provide additional garden space for Homeleigh and Rundles Cottage, Canworthy Water, Launceston
  10. Local Maintenance Partnership 2020 – 2021 - Footpath Upgrades
  11. NALC – Strengthening Police Powers to tackle Unauthorised encampments
  12. Winter Wellbeing Guides for 2019
  13. Cornwall Council – Parish & Town Council Precepts for 2020/2021
  14. Planning Application PA19/08073 – Light Industrial Units, Wainhouse Corner
  15. Accounts to Pay:-
    • BT Adopt a Phone Box
    •  Clerks Salary + Expenses
    •  Mr Ross Wilmhurst - Footpaths Account
  16. Cornwall Council approved Planning Applications for:-
    •  PA19/07076 - Uppercourt, Broad Langdon, Jacobstow
    •  PA19/07599 - Lynhurst, Wainhouse Corner
    •  PA19/08955 - Sams Meadow, Lower Blagdon
  17. Correspondence (To note contents of Letters and any Planning Applications received since Agenda printed)
  18. Councillor Matters