December 2019 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 3rd December, 2019

  1. Attendance

    Cllr. Norman Osborne chaired the monthly meeting of the Council with a full attendance of Councillors and 8 members of the public.

  2. Defibrillator

    The meeting began with Mr. Rob Pierce-Williams demonstrating his AED Locator defibrillator. The cost for this would be around £2,099. It comes with an eight year guarantee. It would need checking every couple of weeks by a local resident.

  3. Apologies

    Apologies received from County Cllr. Nicky Chopak.

  4. Declaration of Interest/Dispensations

    Cllr. Osborne declared an interest in Item 7 on the Agenda and left the room at the appropriate time.

  5. Minutes

    The minutes of the previous meeting were read and signed as correct.

  6. Balance at Bank

    The balance at the bank is £10,654.50 in the current A/C and £5318.09 in the Primrose A/C.

  7. Planning Application PA19/09475

    Certificate of lawful use of land as domestic garden – Keats, Jacobstow, Bude. - Proposed Cllr. Chapman we reply to say we wish to make no comment. Seconded by Cllr. Vogel. This decision was supported by five Councillors. One Councillor supported the Application.

  8. Planning Application PA19/09470

    Demolition of existing agricultural building and attached residential annexe and change of use from agricultural to residential and erection of new detached dwelling. Land North of Little Beckaveans, Jacobstow. The meeting was thrown open at this point to allow the Applicants to explain. Meeting then closed. Councillors support this Application but are very very concerned about the access which is on a blind corner.

  9. Planning Application PA19/09060

    Proposed garage and garden studio room, proposed new access and change of use of land to provide additional garden space for Homeleigh and Rundles Cottage, Canworthy Water, Launceston. Clerk to reply saying it was Councillor’s unanimous decision to make no comment.

  10. Local Maintenance Partnership 2020-2021

    Cornwall Council advised that next year’s LMP Grant will be increased by 2%. This will continue incrementally each year thereafter. The estimated grant for next year is £617.52. Cllr. Pallett then gave an update on the footpaths.

  11. NALC

    Strengthening Police Powers to tackle unauthorised encampments - Details of this had been Emailed to Councillors.

  12. Winter Wellbeing Guides for 2019

    Booklets regarding this put on display for Councillors to read.

  13. Cornwall Council – Parish & Town Council Precepts for 2020/21

    After discussion it was unanimously agreed to ask for £5,000 the same as last year.

  14. Planning Application PA19/08073 – Light Industrial Units, Wainhouse Corner

    Councillors do not support this Application. They are very concerned about the access on this dangerous stretch of road. There are already problems at the nearby cross roads with the volume of traffic. They are concerned about the run off and the noise level for the nearby residents. Also there is no footpath to the bus stop.

  15. Accounts to Pay:-

    •  BT Adopt a Phone Box (This amounted to £1.00 already paid by the Clerk)
    •  Clerk’s Salary & Expenses £565.79 (Salary £454.00 Expenses £111.79)
    •  Ross Wilmhurst – Footpaths Account - Pay next month.

    Proposed we pay Cllr. Adey Seconded Cllr. Smith.

  16. Cornwall Council approved Planning Applications for:

    • PA19/07076 - Uppercourt, Broad Langdon, Jacobstow
    • PA19/07599 - Lynhurst, Wainhouse Corner
    • PA19/08955 - Sam’s Meadow, Lower Blagdon, Jacobstow
    • PA19/00767 - Land at Wainhouse Corner, Proposed Affordable dwelling
  17. Cornwall Council – Winter Maintenance

    Correspondence received advising that Salt bins will be filled once at the start of each winter. Top ups can be provided at a cost.

  18. Councillor Matters

    1. Councillor’s agreed that another very good Journal had just been delivered.
    2.  Discuss defibrillator again next month.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.20pm.

List of Expenses for November, 2019
Date Payee Amount
05/11/20 David Ogilvie £1,098.60 (for World War 2 Bench for village)
List of Expenses for December, 2019
Date Payee Amount
03/12/19 Mrs D.A. Turner Clerks salary £454.00 and Expenses £111.79