February 2020 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 4th February, 2020

  1. Attendance

    Cllr. Osborne chaired the monthly meeting with, Cllrs. I Franklyn, C Smith, C Pallett, D. Adey, A Vogel, P Chapman, County Cllr. Nicky Chopak and five members of the public attending.

  2. Pot Holes

    It was noted that the Pot Holes on the Eden Chapel to Ferretts Cross road had been done on the 18th January, 2020

  3. Declaration of Interest Dispensations

    Cllr Osborne declared an interest in Item 12 and left the room at the appropriate time.

  4. Minutes

    The minutes of the previous meeting were read and signed as correct.

  5. Balance at Bank

    It was reported that the balance at the Bank is £10,766.97 in the Current A/C and £5318.09 in the Primrose A/C.

  6. Localism Climate Change Workshop

    It was reported that the Workshop will take place on the 29th February, 2020 at Eliot House Hotel, Liskeard from 9.30am till 1.00pm.

  7. Letter from Mrs. Diane Rudd

    Mrs. Rudd was complaining about the felling of a tree at the beginning of the drive to Westcott, opposite her house. After a long discussion Councillors agreed that this was unfortunate but was not something they could deal with.

  8. Western Power Stakeholders workshop

    This is to be held at Wadebridge Showground on 25th February, 2020

  9. Annual Charity Donations

    After discussion it was decided to give the following amounts to the various charities:-

    •  Jacobstow Church Graveyard Fund £150.00
    •  Eden Graveyard Fund £150.00
    •  Cornwall Air Ambulance - £200.00
    •  Children’s Hospice SW - £200.00
    •  Bude Memory Café £50.00

    Proposed Cllr. Adey Seconded Cllr. Smith

  10. Cornwall Council

    Approved Planning for PA19/09470 – Land North of Little Beckaveans & PA19/09475 – Keats, Jacobstow –Granted (CAAD’s, PIP’s & LU’s only)

  11. Accounts to Pay

    •  Hire of Village Hall £168.00
    •  ICO – Data Protection £40.

    Proposed we pay Cllr.Smith Seconded Cllr. Chapman
    It was decided not to pay Heartsafe at the moment but to get a second estimate on a defibrillator.

  12. Planning Application PA19/11209

    Dairy Barn 3, Cottage Farm, Jacobstow. As Cllr. Osborne had left the room Cllr. Smith took the chair at this point. Councillors say to reply saying that they are surprised that a Class Q had been granted on this Application given the poor structure and also close proximity to a large Dairy Farm.

    1. Community Governance Review Stage 3

      This does not concern our area.

    2. Phone Box

      Mr Mick Carter had taken the door of the Phone Box off and found that it needs work on it. The cost of the parts will be in the region of £410. Ask him to proceed with this. Proposed Cllr. Adey Seconded Cllr. Smith. Also that the Phone Box to stay red.

    3. Cornwall Rural Housing Assoc.

      A poster had been sent saying that the Rural Housing Assoc. will be at the Parish Hall on Monday 17th February, 2020 between 2.15pm and 6.45pm showing their  Plans for the development on Land at Oakdene, Wainhouse Corner.

  13. Climate Change

    Mrs Jeanne Gimblett spoke on Climate change she said there are grants available for planting trees. She was asked to find out details and come and talk at the Parish Meeting in March.

  14. Councillor Matters

    It was reported that there is a very large pot-hole near Trefrida Farm. County Cllr Nicky Chopak will deal with this.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.15pm