January 2020 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 7th January, 2020

  1. Attendance

    Councillor Osborne chaired the monthly meeting of the Parish Council with Cllrs. C Smith, I Franklyn, D Adey, A Vogel and C Pallett attending.

  2. Apologies

    Apologies received from Cllr. Chapman.

  3. Declaration of Interest/Dispensations

    in respect of this Agenda – There were no Declarations

  4. Minutes

    The minutes of the previous meeting were read and signed as correct.

  5. Balance at Bank

    It was reported that the balance was E10,088.71 in the Current A/C and £5,318.09 in the Primrose A/C.

  6. Planning Application No PA19/10797 – Broadlands Farm, Jacobstow

    Demolition of existing building and replacement with new covered yard. After discussion five Councillors supported this and one abstained.

  7. Accounts to pay:-

    Ross Wilmhurst – Yearly footpath trimming - £667.50
    Proposed we pay Cllr. Adey Seconded Cllr. C Smith.

  8. Cornwall Council – Planning

    Cornwall Council had approved Planning for PA19/07412 – Penhallym, Week St. Mary and PA19/09060 – Homeleigh, Canworthy Water, Launceston.

  9. Defibriillator

    It was discussed and agreed to put a Defibrillator in the Phone Box which is to be painted Green. Clerk to order this and arrange with the Electrician to do the necessary work. Ask the Journal to report this in the next magazine.

  10. Councillor matters

    1. It was reported that a very bright light has been installed at the Petrol Station at Wainhouse Corner. This is affecting the nearby residents and blinding people travelling on the A39 from the Camelford direction. Clerk to contact County Cllr. Nicky Chopak.
    2. Cllr. Adey reported that the Salt bins will be filled shortly.
    3. It was reported that a Caravan is parked in a field south of Broad Langdon.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.20pm

List of Expenses for January, 2020
Payee Amount
Ross Wilmhurst (Footpath Trimming) £667.50