January 2021 Minutes

Minutes of meeting held on 5th January, 2021

  1. Cllr. Osborne chaired the monthly meeting which was held via Zoom with Cllrs. P Chapman, I Franklyn, C Smith, D. Adey, C Pallett, S Smith and County Cllr. Nicky Chopak attending.
  2. Declaration of Interest/Dispensations

    No Declarations

  3. Minutes

    The minutes had been Emailed to Councillors and were agreed and signed as necessary.

  4. Balance at Bank

    It was reported that the balance at the bank was £8,184.33 in the Current A/C and £5139.73 in the Primrose A/C

  5. Election Costs

    Correspondence received stating that the election costs for the May 2021 election will be £314.01 Uncontested and £1,502.42 Contested. It was reported that the election may be delayed in view of the Coronavirus crisis.

  6. Planning Application PA20/10655

    Hedgerow Removal Notice – to remove 210 of hedgerow - Poulza, Jacobstow, Bude – Proposed we support Cllr. Chapman, Sec. Cllr. Adey. Five Councillors supported this Application and one abstained.

  7. South West Ambulance Service – Defibrillator

    As discussed last month it was decided to accept the offer of a defibrillator to be installed by South West Ambulance Service the cost being £1,000. Proposed we pay Cllr. C Smith Seconded Cllr. S Smith. It was suggested some shelves using exterior wood would be good to put the books on when the defibrillator is fixed. Cllr. C Smith to visit the telephone box to tidy the books that are there.

  8. Bus Shelter

    The bus shelter was discussed and a wooden one was mentioned. Also a modern one from Ace Shelters. Cllr. Chopak to find out costs regarding fixing the base from a couple of local people.

  9. Councillor Matters

    1. Cllr.Chapman reported that the drains near Hele Barton still need sorting out. Cllr. Chopak will look into this.
    2. Many pits in road from Eden Chapel to Tobarn Farm. Cllr. Chopak to look into this as well.
    3. It was reported that the Road Sweeper had done a sweep on 31st December, 2020

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30pm