July 2023 Minutes

Minutes of Ordinary meeting held on 4th July, 2023.

  1. Cllr. Charmaine Smith chaired the monthly meeting with Cllrs. P Chapman, A Vogel, S Smith, I Franklyn, J Shepherd, The Clerk, Mrs D.A.Turner and five members of the public attending. The Chairperson welcomed Mr. Norman Osborne who had been co-opted onto the Council.
  2. Apologies

    Apologies received from County Cllr. Nicky Chopak.

  3. Declarations in respect of this Agenda

    No declarations

  4. Minutes

    The minutes had been Emailed to all Councillors and these were agreed and signed as necessary.

  5. Balance at Bank

    The balance at the bank was £14,147.44 in the Current A/C and £2666.80 in the Solar A/C.

  6. Chestnut Appeal

    This to be discussed next month.

  7. Stile and Broken Boards on Footpath

    Mrs Mary Carter explained the damage to the Stile and broken Boards. The materials can be obtained from Cornwall Council and the estimate for the work to fit them is £150.00 for the gate and £80 for the broken boards. Clerk to contact Cllr. Chopak to see if she has arranged anything. Discuss again next month.

  8. Ballynet

    An Invoice was received from Ballynet for the yearly domain registration which was for £22.00. It was decided this was too expensive and we should renew with Bude Solutions for about £4.00.

  9. Planning Induction Refresher Training

    This will be held on Teams on the 11th July, 2023.

  10. Correspondence

    1. Email received from Mr. Steve Connelly asking if the Village speed limit could be reduced to 20mph as there is a lot of cars going too fast. Clerk to contact Oliver Jones regarding this. Also contact Cllr Nicky Chopak.
    2. Email received from Tom O’Sullivan. Mr O’Sullivan attended the meeting and explained that he was not recording a previous meeting he attended. He said that he came to the March meeting to hear the Headmistress speak about Jacobstow School.
  11. Planning Application No PA23/04793

    To convert redundant barn to a dwelling following Class Q permitted development – The Cow Shed, Jacobstow. As there was very little difference to the previous application and there was only a five day period to reply Councillors agreed by telephone to support this Application.

  12. Planning Application PA23/09326

    Highway Farm, Jacobstow. There was only a five day period for this so again this was discussed on the telephone. Clerk replied “Following your Email and our conversation this morning I have contacted Councillors and they have said they agree with your decision to approve this. However, they would like to insist that the new access track is put in place before any work or deliveries of any kind commence. Also that the old entrance is completely blocked off in a permanent way as this is such a fast road and this entrance is very dangerous and not safe to use.”

  13. Conflict of interest with BDO LLP

    This is the new Auditors and Parish Council are required to sign, each year, to say they have no conflict of interest with BDO LLP. This has to be minuted.

  14. Councillor Matters

    Planning Application PA23/04306 – Development comprising the delivery of a ground mounted solar farm alongside associated infrastructure Including distribution substation upgrades with the capacity to deliver approx.42MW of renewable energy. – Land North of Canworthy House, Canworthy Water. Clerk to find out why Jacobstow PC has been dropped off the Consultee list. Also we need a Speed Restriction put in place from Wainhouse Corner to the site. Clerk to contact Cllr. Chopak on this. A meeting is being held by Warbstow Parish Council on this matter on the 11th July, 2023. Either Cllr. C Smith or Cllr. P Chapman will attend.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50pm