June 2023 Minutes

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held on 6th June, 2023

  1. The Vice-Chairman, Cllr. P Chapman chaired the Ordinary meeting with Cllrs. S Smith, A Vogel, J Shepherd, County Cllr. Nicky Chopak, The Clerk Mrs. D.A. Turner and one member of the public attending.
  2. Apologies

    Apologies received from Cllrs. C Smith and I Franklyn.

  3. Declarations

    There were no declarations in respect of this Agenda.

  4. Minutes

    The minutes of the previous meeting had been Emailed to all Councillors. These were agreed signed as necessary.

  5. Balance at Bank

    The Clerk reported that the balance at the bank should have read £15,133.96 in the Current A/C and £2802.97 in the Solar A/C and not as stated at the May meeting.
    The balance at the bank this month is £14,916.52 in the Current A/C and £2666.80 in the Solar A/C

  6. Email addresses

    Email addresses for Councillors was again discussed.

  7. Cornwall Council

    Cornwall Council had approved Planning Application Nos. PA23/00773 - Treventon, Jacobstow and PA23/01388 – Beckaveans, Jacobstow

  8. Forest for Cornwall

    Forest for Cornwall are giving a free tree to every Parish. Clerk to ask the Church if they would like a tree to plant.

  9. Accounts to pay

    • SLCC Annual Membership - £80.00
      Proposed we pay Cllr. S Smith Seconded Cllr A Vogel
    • Clerk’s Salary £550.00 + Expenses £139.08 – Total £689.08
      Proposed we pay Cllr. S Smith Seconded Cllr. A Vogel
  10. Planning Application PA23/03688

    Change of use of rural building to dwelling House, together with associated works, Redundant building, Higher Blagdon Farm, Jacobstow – Councillors support this application.

  11. CIL Payment received

    This was discussed as the payment is made for any Village project needed during the next year or two.

  12. Co-Opting a Councillor

    This was discussed and agreed it should be advertised In the next Jacobstow Journal.

As there was no further business the meeting was closed at 8.15pm

Expenses for June, 2023
Date Payee Amount
06.06.23 SLCC Annual membership £80.00
06.06.23 Mrs D.A. Turner £689.08 (£550.00 Salary £139.08 Expenses)