March 2020 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 3rd March, 2020

  1. Attendance

    Cllr.Osborne chaired the monthly meeting of the Parish Council with six Councillors, Cllr.Nicky Chopak and thirteen members of the public attending. Apologies received from Cllr. Pallett.
    This meeting followed the Annual Parish Meeting.

  2. Declarations

    There were no Declarations of Interest/Dispensations in respect of this Agenda.

  3. Minutes

    The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and signed as correct.

  4. Balance

    The Balance at the Bank at present is £9808.97 in the Current A/c and £5318.09 in the Primrose A/c.

  5. Defibrillator

    It was decided to have an extra meeting to discuss the Defibrillator with a Rep. from Heartsafe.

  6. Accounts to pay:-

    • Donation to Village Hall towards Work done £1,000 from the Current A/C and £500 from the Primrose A/c
    • X2 Connect Ltd (BT Phone Box repairs) £424.10
    • Clerk Salary £454.00 plus Expenses £58.07(Total £512.07)

    Proposed we pay Cllr. Chapman Seconded Cllr. Smith

  7. Planning Application PA19/08073

    Outline Application for erection of 14 light Industrial Units together with 3 live/work units. Land South of The Old Wainhouse Inn, Eden Road, Wainhouse Corner. Reply saying Councillors unanimously object to this Application. They are very concerned about the access. This is on quite a bend and there is already a very dangerous junction close by. They are also concerned about the water run off form large expanse of car park. Also the viability of Industrial units in a rural setting.
    There is no Footpath link to the Bus Stop. At present only a short pavement from the existing junction to the Post Office and Bus Stop. There is no pavement from the proposed new site to the Bus Stop and it is on the main A39.

    1. Complaint on Hedge needing cutting

      A farmer was complaining that a hedge needs cutting back between Tobarn Farm and Ferretts Cross. Report this to Cornwall Council.

    2. Rowing Machines

      They are asking for a grant towards Tee Shirts for entering competitions. Send them a form to apply for the grant.

    3. Air Ambulance

      Letter received advising that the new Air Ambulance has arrived in Cornwall.

    4. Intimidation & Bullying

      Asking for feedback on any intimidation and bullying suffered by members and Officers. Councillors agreed there were none.

    5. Climate Change

      Mrs Jeanne Gimblett will report further on this.

    6. Cornwall Council

      Cornwall have approved Planning App. for Broadlands Farm, Jacobstow.

  8. Councillor matters

    Spring Bulbs were discussed for the Parish. Discuss this again next month.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm

List of Expenses for February 2020
Date Payee Amount
04.02.2020 Jacobstow Parish Hall (Hire of Hall) £168.00
04.02.2020 ICO £40.00
04.02.2020 Jacobstow Church Graveyard Fund £150.00
04.02.2020 Eden Graveyard Fund £150.00
04.02.2020 Cornwall Air Ambulance £200.00
04.02.2020 Children’s Hospice SW £200.00
04.02.2020 Bude Memory Café £50.00
List of Expenses for March 2020
Date Payee Amount
03.03.2020 Jacobstow Parish Hall (Repairs) £1,000.00
03.03.2020 Jacobstow Parish Hall (2nd A/C) £500.00
03.03.2020 Mrs D.A. Turner (Salary & Expenses) £512.07