March 2023 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on the 7th March, 2023.

  1. Cllr. Charmaine Smith chaired the Ordinary meeting which followed the Annual Parish Meeting. Those attending were Cllrs P Chapman, I Franklyn, J Shepherd, N Osborne, S Smith, A Vogel, Mrs Mikaela Rofe , Mrs Jill Baker, County Cllr. Nicky Chopak and three members of the Public
  2. Declaration of Interest/Dispensations

    Cllr. Charmaine Smith declared an Interest in Item 6 on the Agenda and left the room at the appropriate time.

  3. Minutes

    The minutes of the previous meeting had been sent to Councillors and were agreed and signed as necessary.

  4. Balance

    It was reported that the balance at the bank is £10,986.51 in the Current A/C and £2,802.97 in the Solar A/C.

  5. Accounts to pay:-

    • C.J. Lloyd (Repairs to footpath steps) £180.00 Proposed we pay Cllr. S Smith Seconded Cllr. Chapman
    • Mrs D.A. Turner – (Salary & Expenses £623.95) Proposed we pay Cllr. J Shepherd Seconded Cllr. S Smith.
  6. Planning Application PA23/00773

    New Farm Building, Treventon, Jacobstow. Cllr. C Smith left the room and the meeting was chaired by Cllr. P Chapman. The Planning was discussed and Councillors agreed to support this Application. Cllr. C Smith then returned to chair for the rest of the meeting.

  7. Planning Application PA22/08409

    Land East of Little Beckaveans, Jacobstow. This was discussed and Councillors agreed to reply saying “They are grateful that the Applicant has changed the Plan. However they are still concerned about the access to the property with the narrowness of the road. Also could there be traffic and visibility management while the building work takes place.” This was proposed by Cllr. Chapman and seconded by Cllr. S. Smith.

  8. Speed Restrictions

    It was noted that there will be speed restriction to 50mph from Treskinnick Cross to Wainhouse Corner from 13th to 21st March.

  9. Climate Emergency Development Plan

    A meeting will be held on Teams on 22nd March, 2023 from 15.30 - 17.00pm.

  10. Bude Police Enquiry Office

    Formal opening on Sat. 11th March, 2023 at 1.30pm. Councillors invited to attend.

  11. Off-Street Parking 2023

    Councillors felt that these charges are too high. It will affect local people, residents and people working in the town. Clerk to complete the form as necessary and suggest there be an Annual ticket.

  12. Steps at Witchy Pool Lane

    Mrs Carter Emailed to say there is one more step needed at Witchy Pool Lane. Clerk to ask her for an estimate to do this work.

  13. Salt Bin

    The residents at Cory Close are complaining that it gets very Icy when its frosty weather. Clerk to find out the cost of a Salt Bin.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40pm

List of Expenses for March, 2023
Date Payee Amount
07.03.23 C.J. Lloyd (Repairs to Footpath Steps) £180.00
07.03.23 Mrs. D.A. Turner (Salary & Expenses) £623.95