March 2024 Minutes

Minutes of Ordinary meeting held on 5th March, 2024

  1. Cllr. Charmaine Smith chaired the monthly meeting which followed the Annual Parish Meeting. Those present were Cllrs. I Franklyn, P Chapman, N Osborne, A Vogel, J Shepherd, S Smith County Cllr. Nicky Chopak, The Clerk and eight members of the Public.
  2. Declaration of Interest/ Dispensations

    There were no declarations in respect of this Agenda.

  3. Minutes

    The minutes had been sent to all Councillors to read and were agreed and signed.

  4. Balance

    The balance at the bank is £13,165.69 in the current a/c and £4,340.53 in the Solar a/c.

  5. Accounts to pay

    • Bude Solutions – Yearly Website Fee £172.80
      Proposed to pay Cllr.Chapman Seconded Cllr. S Smith
    • Clerk – Mrs D.A. Turner £589.50 (£550.00 Salary & £39.50 Expenses)
      Proposed to pay Cllr. J Shepherd Seconded Cllr. N Osborne
  6. EMail from local resident

    Discuss this next month

  7. Parish Hall Broadband

    This was again discussed, Parish Hall Committee agree to installing Broadband but didn’t want to incur any costs. Cllr. Chapman to find out the best way to do this and the cost.

  8. Cormac Spring Workshops

    Themed around this years Highways & Environment maintenance. This is at Launceston Rugby Club on 22nd March 10.00 – 13.00

  9. Age UK

    Age UK are organizing a coach trip to the Royal Cornwall Show on Saturday 8th June, 2024. The Clerk has details and it will also be published in the next Journal

  10. Planning – Eden Chapel

    The purchasers of Eden Chapel attended the meeting to show the plans of the conversion of this building to a three bedroom property.

  11. Planning Application PA23/09863

    Dovedale Cottage, Broad Langdon
    Cornwall Council wish to refuse this Application. The Parish Council were asked to consider the following options:-

    1. Agree with Cornwall Councils recommendation to refuse the Application
    2. Agree to disagree
    3. Request the LPA consider referring the matter to the planning committee.

    After discussion Councillors unanimously agreed to opt for Option 2 Agree to disagree.

  12. Speed Visor

    Warbstow PC had asked if they could put a Speed Visor in the Canworthy Water village as it would be in Jacobstow Parish.

  13. Planning PA23/10339 – Tobarn, Jacobstow

    Cornwall Council have approved this.

  14. Councillor matters

    It was reported that a post had rotten and is collapsing on Footpath 6. Cllr. Shepherd to inspect this and report to the next meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm

List of March 2024 Expenses
Date Payee Amount
05.03.24 Bude Solutions (Yearly Website Fee) £172.80
05.03.24 Mrs D.A. Turner (£550 Salary £39.50 Expenses) £589.50