November 2020 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 3rd November, 2020

  1. Cllr. Norman Osborne chaired the monthly meeting which was held via Zoom with Cllrs. P Chapman, D Adey, C Smith, I Franklyn, C Pallett, D Adey, County Cllr. Nicky Chopak and one member of the public attending.

    Co-opting a Councillor

    One applicant had applied for the Co-Option position, Mrs Sarah Smith. It was unanimously agreed to Co-opt Mrs.Smith on to the Council.

  2. Declarations

    Cllr. Charmaine Smith declared an interest in Item 11 on the Agenda and left the room at the appropriate time.

  3. Minutes & Balance at Bank

    The minutes had been read by Councillors via Email and were agreed and signed. It was noted that the balance at the bank is £10,338.55 in the Current A/C and £5795.18 in the Primrose A/C.

  4. Bus Shelter

    Installing a Bus Shelter at Wainhouse Corner was discussed. St Gennys Parish Council had agreed to share the cost. A site visit with Cormac will be arranged to see what is involved. Cllr. Chopak to find out from Poundstock PC the cost of one they have installed. A grant might be possible next year from Cornwall Council but no funds left this year.

  5. Parish Hall

    The Parish Hall are asking for a donation from the Parish Council as they have no income at the moment. They could not claim the discretionary grant earlier in the year as they are not registered for business rate. Clerk to contact them and find out what funds they have and what are their outgoings at present.

  6. Website

    Councillors discussed having a new Website as it now legally has to be compliant. An estimate was received from Bude Solutions, Clerk to find out what the cost would be in future years.

  7. Accounts to pay :-

    N.R. Osborne - £45.45 (Plants for the “W” at Wainhouse Corner)
    Proposed we pay Cllr. S Smith Seconded Cllr. Chapman

  8. Scouts donation

    The Scouts are asking for a donation from the Council. Clerk to reply saying that we cannot give a general donation but if they have a specific request they may consider it.

  9. Planning Applications PA20/03739 and PA20/08266

    Planning Application PA20/03739 - Barton House, Canworthy Water and PA20/08266 – Barn 2 Cottage Farm, Jacobstow. Both Applications withdrawn.

  10. Planning Application PA20/06832

    Westcott, Jacobstow. This application has been approved by Cornwall Council.

  11. Planning Application PA20/08441

    Change of use of a site in agricultural farmyard to a flexible use within class B8 – the parking of 4 vehicles – Treventon, Road from Edgar Rd to Eden Road. Proposed Cllr. Chapman we support this application. Seconded Cllr. D Adey. Unanimously agreed.

  12. Footpaths

    There were complaints that a gate on Footpath 5 has been locked since March. The Clerk contacted Cornwall Council and they replied stating that the gate has been locked since allegedly it was left open by a walker and the cattle escaped damaging a neighbour’s crop. Both landowners say that there is a stile to the side of the gate that is in good condition.

  13. Code of Conduct Training

    Clerk to book in Cllrs. N Osborne, P Chapman, C Smith, C Pallett, S Smith and D.A. Turner. This will be held online with Microsoft Teams on 17th November, 2020 at 2.00 – 4.00pm

  14. Councillor Matters

    It was reported that there is a badly blocked drain on the road from Jacobstow to Week St. Mary just past Hele Barton towards Plymswood. Clerk to report this to Oliver Jones. Cornwall Council had advised that they will install 4 bollards where the road narrows at Almar, Jacobstow.

There being no further business the meeting was closed.

List of Expenses for November 2020
Date Payee Amount
03.11.2020 N.R. Osborne (Plants for Village) £45.45