October 2021 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 5th October, 2021

  1. Cllr. Osborne chaired the monthly meeting with Cllrs. C Smith, P Chapman, C Pallett, S Smith, I Franklyn, J Shepherd, County Cllr. Nicky Chopak and one member of the Public attending.
  2. Declaration of Interest/ Dispensations

    There were no declarations in respect of this Agenda.

  3. Minutes

    The minutes of the previous meeting has been Emailed to all Councillors and agreed to be signed as being correct.

  4. Balance at Bank

    It was reported that the balance at the Bank at present is £13,414.37 in the Current A/C and £1651.81 in the Primrose A/C.

  5. May 2020 Election

    It had been reported that the amount to pay towards the 2020 Election fees will not be submitted until early next year.

  6. Accounts to pay

    Ross Wilmshurst - 2021 Footpath Trimming £605.39
    Proposed we pay Cllr Franklyn Seconded Cllr. Pallett

  7. Planning Application PA21/07873

    Changed of use of land for an extension to the existing holiday static caravan park to provide four additional static pitches together with extended access track to serve additional units – Edmore Caravan Park, Jacobstow - Councillors support this Application for eleven months of the year.

  8. Planning Application PA21/08733

    Rear Extension - 2, Cory Close, Wainhouse Corner - Councillors support this Application.

  9. Donation to Jacobstow Journal

    It was unanimously agreed to donate a sum of £750.00 to the Jacobstow Journal. Proposed Cllr. Pallett Seconded Cllr. P Chapman.

  10. Climate Ecology Bill

    Send copy of Email regarding the Climate Ecology Bill to Cllr. Pallett

  11. Queen’s Jubilee

    Discuss the Queen’s Jubilee again next month, also find out if there will be a Coin issued.

    1. St Gennys PC

      Email from St. Gennys saying a thank-you for arranging the payment and grant for the Bus shelter.

    2. The Wyldes

      Following on from a query by a Parishioner Clerk to contact Week St. Mary Parish Council to see if Planning was obtained for the Toilet block which had been built.

    3. The Inclusion Matters Service in Cornwall

      Email received showing the service they offer to support anyone with health and wellbeing needs within our District. Also Hospital Patient Discharge.

    4. Industrial Units at Wainhouse Corner

      It was reported that the Traffic Management Plans are not yet signed off.

    5. Eden Chapel

      Email received from the lady who is in the process of purchasing Eden Chapel. She intends to showcase Eden as a mixed use hub with spaces for work, design etc.

    6. Hedge Removal at Ferretts Cross

      Cllr. Chopak reported that the hedge had been removed to do a survey and will be re-instated. Cllr. Chopak will keep a check on this.

    7. Bude Climate Change Partnership

      Will be setting up a feasibility study to investigate the setting up of a community “hub” to provide advice to people about reducing their carbon footprint.

    8. Nurseplus

      Information regarding keeping elderly people in their own homes and someone living with them to look after them.

    9. Road Safety

      Email received regarding Road Safety. A Grant is available. Clerk to reply asking if it could fund signs for 20mph around the School.

  12. Councillor Matters

    1. It was reported that from Ash Farm to Oak Gate on Certificate Hill the drains are fully blocked and badly need clearing.
    2. At Plymswood Cross the sign saying Week St Mary one way and Bude the other was taken away for repair and has never been returned. This area is used a lot by holiday makers.
    3. The road from Trefrida Cottage to Trefrida Farm has sunk and it has crushed the water pipe.

    Clerk to contact Oliver Jones on these matters.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.45pm

List of Expenses for October 2021
Date Payee Amount
05/10/2021 Ross Wilmshurst (Yearly Footpath Trimming) £605.39