September 2019 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 3rd September, 2019

  1. Attendance

    Cllr. Osborne chaired the monthly meeting of the Parish Council with Cllrs.D Adey, C Smith, P Chapman, C Pallett, I Franklyn and A Vogel attending. Also County Cllr. Nicky Chopak and four members of the Public.

  2. Declaration of Interest/Dispensations

    There were no declarations for this Agenda.

  3. Minutes

    The minutes of the previous meeting were read and signed as a true record.

  4. Balance at Bank

    The balance at the Bank is £10,496.54 in the Current A/C and £5318.09 in the Primrose A/C.

  5. BT Payphone

    Correspondence received stating that as there had only been one call made during the previous twelve months they are looking to remove the phone box. Discuss again next month.

  6. PA19/04039

    Planning North East of Glebe Farm. Cornwall Council had approved this application.

  7. Planning Application – PA19/06377 - Sams Meadow, Lower Blagdon, Jacobstow

    Two-storey Extension to existing property. Councillors support this Application.

  8. Accounts to Pay:-

    •  Highmoor (kernow) Ltd Footpaths £1,685.54
    •  Concrete for Bench £76.94
    •  Clerk’s Salary £454 .00 plus Expenses £73.14 (Total £527.14)

    Proposed we pay Cllr. Chapman Seconded Cllr. Vogel

  9. Bude Together

    Information received in respect of Bude Together. File this.

  10. Buses through Jacobstow

    A member of the Public was complaining that  there are now only two days of the week when buses go through the  Village, one to Bude on a Friday and one to Launceston on a Tuesday. Clerk to write to Travel Cornwall asking them if it would be possible to go  through the village oftener.

  11. Planning Conferences

    The next Local Council Planning Conference will be held in Callington Town Hall on 5th December, 2019

  12. Discharge of a Planning Obligation – PA19/03069

    Sudcott Park, Jacobstow
    Correspondence received from Cornwall Council stating that it is likely that this application will be recommended for refusal. Councillors to consider the following options:-

    1. Agree with their recommendation.
    2. Agree to disagree
    3. Having made strong planning reasons maintain your support for the proposal against Cornwall Councils recommendation and request that the application is determined by the Planning Committee.

    Councillors discussed this and decided unanimously to go with Option 1 to agree with Cornwall Councils recommendation.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.30pm

Expenses for September, 2019
Date Payee Amount
03/09/19 Highmoor (kernow) Ltd (Footpaths work) £1,685.54
03/09/19 Concrete for Bench (Making base for new Bench) £76.94
03/09/19 Clerks Salary £454.00 (Plus Expenses £73.14) £527.14