September 2023 Minutes

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held on 5th September, 2023

  1. Cllr Charmaine Smith chaired the monthly meeting with Cllrs. P Chapman, A Vogel, I Franklyn, S Smith, County Cllr. Nicky Chopak, The Clerk, Mrs D.A. Turner and four members of the Public attending.
  2. Apologies

    Apologies received from Cllrs. N Osborne and J Shepherd

  3. Declarations of Interest/Dispensations

    No declarations

  4. Minutes

    The minutes had been Emailed to all Councillors and were agreed and signed as correct.

  5. Balance at Bank

    The balance at the bank was reported to be £14,097 in the Current A/C and£2666.80 in the Solar A/C. Also the sum of £2,750 to be added as Precept money paid in to the Current A/C to-day.

  6. Road Closure

    It was reported that Edgar Road will be closed from 13th November 2023 to 26th January, 2024 (24hrs)

  7. Wainhouse Corner Junction

    Letter received from a St. Gennys Councillor saying a roundabout is needed at the Wainhouse Corner Junction. Whilst we agree we have tried so many times to get this done but nothing seems possible. The white lines should be done this week.

  8. Local Area Energy Plan – Clean Air for Cornwall

    A meeting to be held on the 8th September, 2023 3 – 4pm at the Parkhouse Centre.

  9. Bude & Camelford CAP Meeting

    A meeting will be held in the Camelford Hall on the 11th September, 2023 at 7.0pm

  10. The Wyldes

    Copy of Email received from The Wyldes saying they have no intention of getting any bigger.

  11. Standards Committee

    The Standards Committee are looking to recruit to its membership to give their views on complaints.

  12. Health & Safety concerns

    Regarding the broken kerbstones outside the properties at Lower Kents someone from Cornwall Council has visited and these will be replaced.

  13. Jacobstow Journal

    It was discussed and agreed to donate £500.00 to the Journal this year. Proposed Cllr. Chapman Seconded Cllr. Vogel.

  14. Planning Application PA23/04306

    Development comprising the delivery of a ground mounted Solar Farm alongside assoc. infrastructure- Land North of Canworthy House, Canworthy Water. – After discussion Councillors decided they didn’t wish to add any further comment to their original reply.

  15. Pay Clerk

    It was unanimously agreed to pay the Clerk £582.00 being Salary £550.00 and £32.95 Expenses. Proposed Cllr. Chapman Seconded Cllr. S Smith.

  16. KMD Development, Edgar Road

    The children at Jacobstow School held a competition to choose a name for the new development at Edgar Road. The name Goldfinch Close was chosen, Councillors unanimously agreed that this was a good name.

  17. Cory Close

    (The meeting was thrown open at this point) A resident from Cory Close complained about the noise from one of the workshops adjoining her property. Very noisy work on car repairs are being done outside the workshop. County Cllr. Nicky Chopak will look into this.

  18. Councillor matters

    Complaints were received from residents regarding the state of the road at Broadlands Farm, Jacobstow. Tractors going in and out on the Western side are driving close to the hedge which has broken the ditch pushing it into the hedge. Clerk to write to Oliver Jones asking if someone could have a look at this when next in the area.

As there was no further business the meeting closed at 8.45pm

Expenses for September 2023
Date Payee Amount
05.09.23 Jacobstow Journal (Donation) £500.00
05.09.23 Mrs D.A. Turner (Salary £550.00 Expenses £32.95) £582.00